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Because our planet is not as healthy as it should be, we believe that providing sustainable design is our social and professional responsibility. We feel so strongly about it that we added ‘green’ to our projects. At Premium Urban Design, we show you how sustainable elements can be incorporated into your project. It may seem unreasonable that one building or one developer can make a difference to the environment, but it can! That is why we try to present you with options – in a conventional way and the sustainable way.

“First Nations people were perhaps the last inhabitants of North America to have truly understood the meaning of sustainability and to have lived accordingly.” – Architecture Canada  

We illustrate how sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and systems can increase your building’s value and, over time, reduce your operational and maintenance costs. When you choose sustainable architecture, even for one element in your building, you are making a difference.

Sustainability is Affordable

Sustainable or Green is not as expensive as one thinks. In fact, we can show you how sustainable design can be incorporated into your building and stay within the standard cost per square foot. Some sustainable elements can be included with little or no additional cost.

Like choosing the right property, orienting the building in relation to its surroundings, and designing a suitable building form. Sustainability can also be choosing earth-friendly materials and maximizing natural daylight and natural ventilation. It is choosing paint and tiles that do not off-gas so you protect people’s health. Designing green buildings is all about details and taking a holistic approach to the project.

Mike Schell
September 10, 2020

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