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With 2021 well underway, we are busy continuing to work on amazing modern homes, innovative multifamily homes, preservation, and other projects. In this awareness news from Premium, you can use residential details, Wood buildings, and ways to maximize daylighting for multifamily in architecture.

Construction is nearing the finish line on a few of our projects in Victoria, BC. Project views and wood elements move inside and outside to shape a home that is both warm and private in these neighborhoods. Construction by our project partner and Builders. See more about our design concepts, and discover the process of designing a custom modern home.

3 Ways to Maximize Daylight

  1. Use tall windows to increase the distance that natural light reaches into a space like the ones shown above.
  2. During planning ensure the placement of rooms used during the day correlates to the best daylight access. Window bays, angles, and window light shelves can further help pull and bounce daylight deeper into spaces on more constrained sides of the building. 
  3. Interior rooms and spaces can make use of “borrowed light” through clerestory windows to pull in daylight. With this strategy, interior bedrooms can actually be created in tight units to maximize efficiency.

Curious about the Design Process? Not Sure Where to start? We’re happy to share some answers. We offer a number of Pre-Design services to help plan your project including feasibility and property evaluations.


Mike Schell
February 2, 2021

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