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Residential Design

Are you searching for affordable small house plans? The overabundance of websites out there that are selling house plans is staggering. And the average cost for just one set of plans is $400 to $600. Over $1000 isn’t that uncommon. Then add about $75 to $100 for each additional set of plans. Yikes!

Consider that house plans have to have an “stamp of approval” in order to be OK by the building inspector, then the price seems more reasonable (building plan approval varies widely throughout Canada; check locally first). The years of training and apprenticeship required to be a designer (Architectural Building Designer at least in Canada) is expensive. This says nothing of the liability insurance they have to carry, either.

Sure, you can come up with your own affordable small house plan… and hope that it passes approval by the local building inspector. Or you can start with a plan that’s been created by someone with a LOT more experience in designing safe buildings.

If you’re actually going to be doing the framing of your house yourself (assuming you’re going to go with the standard stud frame construction), then having an professional-generated plan that indicates best framing practices is your best bet. If you’re going to subcontract the framing then you have a bit of luxury in relying on the framing contractor’s experience in safe framing practices. In that case it may not be so critical to go with the intricately detailed designer’s drawing.


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