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For those Victoria older condo buildings and units, whose stairs our residents notably scamper up and down in and around Victoria, are not a residential style commonly associated with Victoria’s new urban landscape. Nor are the sassy walk-up suites found in such cities as Toronto and Montreal. However, these cinematic romance of transiting from urban street to home without the use of an elevator are still desirable!

The reality is, people tend to equate Victoria’s multi-unit housing stock with towering condominiums — that’s not entirely a bad thing, says Michael Schell, who runs his small firm Premium Design (www.premiumdesign.ca), transforming dated rental apartment buildings into stylish, sustainable units that are built really well. My motivation is to create and beautify buildings in established neighbourhoods, and while I still praises select new sky-high condos, I feel Victoria should shake things up with more small-scale projects.

Smaller developments can create a richer urban fabrics and a much more interesting community, and this is what really makes places like the Belmont work. In our city, lots of people own a smaller condo. I personally don’t think it particularly difficult to turn a multi -storey building into an apartment that people are proud to own. Call Premium today for a concept that may, transform a richer urban fabrics with your building and community.