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Our Process

Phase 1: Schematic Design

During this phase of the design process, we take the information gathered from the client and field survey to create design options. We will present these options in 2D and 3D forms to help the client visualize the options they have.

Phase 2: Design Development

Here we will refine the schematic design on the feedback. Client’s budgets are important, and at this phase, we will work with the contractor to provide a generic budget of items concerning exterior and interior items.

Phase 3: Construction Documents

The final design has been chosen and preparation of Construction documents has begun. We will coordinate design specifications, with structural, civil, Fire code requirements and safety, Energy compliance, and HVAC, and any other consultants.

Contractors will use these detailed drawings and specifications to prepare for the next phase in the architectural process.

Phase 4: Bidding

We have a list of qualified contractors that we have worked within the past and can help pick the right one for you. If you like to use your own contractor, we can review all submitted bids and provide analysis. This ensures the contractors are reading the plans correctly and provides for a more accurate bid.

Phase 5: Construction Administration

During this phase, we can administer the construction process to assure conformance with the design intent, visit the site during construction, and address any field conditions as they arise.

This final phase, along with all the others described above, will ensure the smooth and satisfactory completion of your new home construction or renovation project. Our ultimate goal is to help you turn your dream of a new or renovated home into an affordable reality.  Contact us and take the first step towards your new home.

What do Building Designers charge for Services?

This of course is almost always dependent upon the type of project being considered and the level of involvement you may require. To quote figures without knowing the specifics would be misleading indeed. Generally, there are three (3) ways a Building Designer may offer compensations for consideration. These are:

  1. A Lump Sum, calculated on the expected work required.
  2. An Hourly Rate.
  3. A Percentage of the Contract Sum.

Some companies offer fee packages that may give the client a better initial idea of costs but are not tailored to the individual project which in turn may mean the client could lose value for money paying for services that are not necessarily required.

Premium Urban Design will provide a written document subsequent to an initial meeting to gather details for our design brief. This proposal/agreement will illustrate a breakdown of services to be provided, their associated costs, and when the payment would be expected.

Important to note when choosing a Building Design professional, like most things in life, the cheapest is not always the best option to go forward with. This is after all, your home. It is incumbent of you to make sure you know fully what you are paying for and that it is appropriate for your needs.

Needs and Options Review
By using our online booking Service, you then understand and agree to the terms as follows:
1.     We typically undertake these initial Consultations on booked interviews, between the hours of 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.
2.     By engaging our service, you understand and agree that the non-refundable fee of $500.00 CAD (not incl. GST) is pre-paid and that you will receive an invoice prior to your first meeting with us.
3.     Our consultation session (max. 90 minutes) is part of an overall four (4) hour time commitment in which we will conduct the required preliminary research and prepare report documentation.
4.     If Premium Urban Design is formally engaged in building design services on projects that have the approval to proceed, this consultation fee will be included in the overall Project fee consideration.

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