As Built Measuring

Premium Urban Design offers complete building services for Residential Building, Residential Home Design, Existing Home and Commercial Design, 3D Drafting, Paper to Cad conversions, Precise Measuring (Laser), and Digital Photograph.  We will focus on the following use and occupancies:


  • Real Estate (Residential and Commercial)
  • New Residential Home Design
  • Commercial Buildings (Property Management)
  • Government Facilities
  • Program Management
  • Contractor Design/Building
  • Subcontracting services to other Architectural/Engineering Firms


We offer innovative and economical design services, maintaining state-of-art design technology.  We meet client needs on projects of all sizes. All jobs are based on flat rates by quote of hourly rate based at $75.00 per/hr. Call for quote…



Premium Urban Design utilizes modern technology at all phases of a project.  All work is carried out using Laser precise measurements, CAD software, including preliminary design and presentation work.  It is more cost effective, quicker and more accurate than traditional methods.  We also use specialty design software as well as internet transfer of information between ourselves, other consultants and our clients.


Premium Urban Design maintains comprehensive, Windows based analysis tools for design.


“As Built Measuring”

An accurate Building measurement and As-Built floor plan of a building is one of the most important elements of any post-construction process including any renovation, real estate transaction and marketing.


A finished building seldom corresponds exactly to the original plans in every detail. This normally occurs because of unforeseeable on-site complications and variations from the original plans. Sometimes such discrepancies may occur accidentally and may be economically unfeasible to rectify. The purpose of as-built measurement is to record these variations.


By utilizing Laser Technology and advanced equipment linked to the latest supporting software, Premium Urban Design records all these variations and converts them into the most accurate and advanced as-built drawings.


Real estate companies, developers, construction consultants, architects, engineers, interior designers, and property and facility management companies all need this service at different levels of their work to provide a professional and accurate report on existing conditions of any given building.


How as built measuring can benefit you:

  • Fire Plan Ground Floor
  • Furniture & Equipment Plan
  • Unit and Building Guide Maps
  • Inventory Plans/Table

Area Analysis

Area measuring is one of the main steps in buying, selling or leasing real estate, particularly when it comes to any transactions based on the square footage of the property.


Different calculations can result in differences in area calculations and property value. It is therefore extremely important that all parties involved in a real estate transaction understand how and where the area calculations are derived from and what precisely they mean.


Although phrases such as rentable, tenant, leasable, usable and gross building area might seem easily comprehensible and interchangeable, each phrase has, in fact, a different meaning and implies different area measurement standards. A misunderstanding of the particulars associated with each type of measurement can result in a great deal of liability. Knowing your property area will make you more successful and profitable and make them understand the complex measurement issues involved in assessing office, retail and industrial properties.


If you are a landlord, an investor or a property manager we can help you to maximize your rentable area and show you a greater profit from the same property by using the appropriate area measurement.


If you are a tenant we can show you how to get a fair contract with your landlord and not pay for more than what you really use.


And finally, if you are an architect, engineer, realtor, attorney or arbitrator we can help you to not only minimize your liability but also to maximize the profitability of your client’s property.


How area analysis can benefit you:

  • As-Built Floor Plans
  • Laser Measured Floor Plans
  • Laser Measured Lease Plans
  • Rentable Area Measuring
  • Gross Building Area Measuring
  • Unit and Building Guide Maps
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans