Residential Services

Premium Urban Design offers design services for all types of residential projects. All service is personal and custom. Services available include concept designs, design development, construction documents, interior design, and construction follow-up. Only those services appropriate for a specific project are recommended. This website has been designed to explain these services, your options in selecting them, and their costs.



Custom design services & solutions are not for everybody. They take desire, time & energy. And they take a lot of decision-making. If you come to the table with the understanding and the right attitude, the results are rewarding – for a long time.



Building projects are big investments both financially and in terms of quality of life. Good design invests your money intelligently. Consider this before assuming that the cost of designs and planning is just another expense. It is not. It is a primary key to the success of the investment.



Visualization is a requirement in custom designs. It generates confidence and understanding. All designs are executed in virtual reality by building 3D computer generated “models” of each project solution.



Residential projects are complicated and require active participation from many resources. To help simplify coordination, we require structural engineering for the building shell for all projects. Site design, hardscape design and interior design services are offered as options. Regardless which services are selected, our team assistance is always available in coordinating input from all the resources participating in your project.



I am a Building Design Technologist since 1993. I have been involved in many building projects both at the Residential, Commercial, and Multi-Residential level, our parent company is also involved in general contracting for commercial and residential buildings and holds in good standing with a certified warranty insurance provider.



After reviewing this website, we encourage emails or phone calls for clarification or to discuss your specific project.



There are thousands of existing home plans available for purchase with very appealing pricing. Finding the perfect plan is a possibility. Finding the perfect plan that properly fits and best utilizes your lot is considerably less likely. Finding the perfect plan that does the above and meets local construction, structural, and regulatory requirements is a stroke of luck. Before purchasing that set of “almost perfect” plans, please be advised that they will most likely need to be re-drawn to meet all building criteria.



Detailed cost of services is found under the “services & fees”. Costs are based on the level of service that is directly related to the time required to accomplish the services listed. As a quick general reference, service for the design, engineering & construction documents for most new home projects run between 1% and 2% of the construction cost.