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There comes a time when homeowners who are considering a major project realize that they really need an architect or an architectural technologist. Maybe this is your case? If you are about to embark on a project that requires an architectural plan for a new home, a room addition (garage, porch, deck or other) or if you’ve encountered a problem with the outer envelope of your building, then you’ll need the help of an architect or an architectural technologist.

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What are the roles of architects and technologists in the construction process?

The architect technologists performs one of the most important roles in your project. By creating your building plans, they provide a solid basis for your project on which the construction will ultimately rest upon. If using a plan designed by yourself or an unlicensed contractor, certain errors may be made or important details may be left out. For example, the measurements may not be perfectly to scale, which will create unwanted surprises during construction. Often it is a legal requirement to have plans drawn up by an architect technologists before any construction takes place. The tasks and responsibilities of an architect technologists are primarily categorized into 3 main categories of design: durability, functionality and harmony.

Whether your project is to build, renovate or expand, an architect technologists will be able to assist you with the initial planning stages by providing expert advice on the different possibilities available to you. The main stages of your project where you will reap the most benefits from the work of an architect technologists are:

The conception: During the conception stage, a synergy must be shared by the client and the architect to arrive at the perfect design. A good architect technologists will listen to your ideas and come back with suggestions.

The creation: The architect technologists is able to convert the ideas you have collaborated on into the form of sketches and drawings. The architect technologists will propose different solutions by adjusting details to the preferences of the customer in order to arrive at the optimal solution.

The realization: Once the final plans have been accepted, the architect technologists does not disappear from the process. They will make sure that the plans are understood and that they will be followed to the letter with you and the contractors referred the owner or architect technologists. So it’s a great deal of coordination between the architect technologists, the contractor, your renovation advisor and yourself. With all these players involved in the process, you cannot go wrong on your way to a successfully completed project.

After the realization: At the end of the work, the architect technologists will continue to follow up with you to make sure that everything has been finalized in the project and that the building is now habitable and in a state that suggests durability and longevity.

Do I need an architectural plan?

Why should we hire an architect technologists for certain types of work? Can a contractor simply do the work himself directly with his experience?

It is important to know if the BCBC (British Columbia Building Code), Municipality, or City requires the implication of an architect technologists or not depending on the type of work to be performed. Regardless, the services of an architect technologists are reassuring and relevant in several ways. Through our verification, we have found the best architect technologists who will offer you construction designs at competitive prices. Our verification also ensures that, in the past, these architect technologists have demonstrated integrity in their projects and that they have several satisfied client references to prove it, in addition to having a solution for the right work permits.

To know if your project requires an architect, technologist, engineer or any other construction or design professional, it is essential to consult your municipality. To obtain an idea of the necessity for certain construction or design professionals, the following is a list of certain types of projects for which you are likely to require one of the aforementioned experts.

Architect or Architect technologists: New construction, home expansion, water infiltration problems, any building issues and all the commercial, industrial and institutional projects.

Licensed Technologist: Maximum 4-storey residential construction and low-rise apartment building

Architectural technologist: New construction and home addition under 6000 sq./ft., in addition to building and home conversions.

Engineer: Modification of a structure (bearing wall), load calculations, home additions on a pier foundation, house lifting, structural work of a balcony or any other work that will affect the structure of the building.

No compulsory plan: Non-structural renovation projects and finishing projects.

Premium Urban Design offers complete building services for Residential Building, Residential Home Design, Existing Home and Commercial Design, 3D Drafting, Paper to Cad conversions, Precise Measuring (Laser), and Digital Photograph. We will focus on the following use and occupancies:

Can an architect technologist help you with your project?

  • Residential sector:
    For a home, cottage, condo or other home type, architect technologists can help you design a renovation or construction plan.
  • Commercial sector: Building or renovating a clinic, restaurant, shop, hotel, apartment building or any other type of business. We have architects with ample experience to refer to you in order to ensure a design that will attract and dazzle your clientele.
  • Industrial sector: For warehouses, distribution centres and other industrial establishments, it is important to have a layout that optimizes production. The services of a quality architect will help you achieve your goals without a doubt!
  • Institutional sector: When building, renovating or re-modelling schools, hospitals, town halls or any other type of institution belonging to a municipality, we can refer architects with specific experience in this field and the portfolio and references to prove their track record.
services & solutions

Custom design services & solutions are not for everybody. They take desire, time & energy. And they take a lot of decision-making

The benefits of using the services of architects and architectural technologists

With their vast experience in projects of different styles, our architect technologists know how to turn an idea into a fulfilled dream. They have the role of recreating boring, lifeless structures into masterpieces. The role of the architect technologists is simple; they take your ideas and preferences and shape them in order to give you a structural plan that meets your needs, matches your style and ultimately provides you with a home in which you will be comfortable and proud to live in.

Several studies have been carried out to evaluate human behavior in the workplace and in general productivity rates have increased by up to 16% in establishments with “green” architecture, while absenteeism has decreased by up to 15% on average in the same type of environment. Therefore, in a commercial environment, using an architect with a strong background in this type of architecture can provide extra intrinsic benefits to a workplace environment.

design services

Premium Urban Design offers design services for all types of residential projects. All service is personal and custom.

In the end, an architectural plan ensures that your project is realized in line with your ideas, your needs, and your budget.

A solid architectural plan will give you an overview of your project and its possibilities. This is not an easy task. The architecture professionals we have partnered with will work with you, analyze your needs and present preliminary drawings and plans for each step. They’ll provide you with a “perspective view” or even a realistic and colourful representation of your home or expansion project, at the agreed upon price.

You can count on Premium Urban Design to start your project on the right foot. We have a large network of experts, including architects and architectural technologists who specialize in your particular project – and many satisfied customers. Talk to us today and we can start your project on the right foot!

About Premium Urban Design:

The foundation of Premium Urban Design is a set of guiding principles of customer service, a collaborative approach to design and an architectural philosophy rooted in traditional design. Each project is the result of a true effort between Architectural Designer, builder and, most importantly, the client. The firm has worked extensively to raise the standard of new design and development. Its mission of creating and advocating design that is timeless and respectful of place is evident in their work, which can be found across BC.

The firm’s approach to and implementation of its design work is heavily influenced by the principles of Urbanism, a movement of Architectural Designer, planners and developers that have as their goal the re-making of the way neighborhoods and towns are developed. Michael Schell Architectural Designer has been instrumental in this movement, and has positioned itself as one of the Urbanist Architectural Designer especially in the area of single-family home design. We invite you to browse our portfolio by selecting from projects.

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