What’s Behind That Door Number

What’s Behind Door Number

Here at Westeck, we are able to offer fenestration systems for nearly any custom home design. We have artfully crafted our product lines to cover the wide range of architectural styles and designs. Given the opportunity, we never shy away from working directly with designers and architects to strategize a custom solution to realize their vision. If it can be done, Westeck will find a way.

One of our production plants specializes in the North American swing door system. This system was completely redesigned in-house to comply with the new building codes that came into effect in 2012. Westeck’s main focus in design was product sustainability. We worked with our vendors to secure a maintenance-free sill system, composed of vinyl and aluminum with an optional wood cover for the inside that still gives the warm aesthetics of previous systems. This maintenance-free design even incorporates a drainage system, perfected through many hours of lab testing, giving you the assurance of a product that will keep the water out.

Elite Wood Door

Elite Wood Door

Other features were also redesigned for optimal performance and beauty. Our door jambs can be made from a variety of wood species, from the standard Finger Jointed Pine and Douglas VG Fir all the way to custom options like Sapele. To round off the durability of the product, we use high-grade stainless steel for our hinges with ball bearings that yield optimal performance. As part of the security features, we have a high-grade multipoint security system that pairs well with our Emtek handle sets. In our slab options, we range from classic fiberglass slabs all the way to custom Sapele wood slabs, such as in our Elite Wood line.

Deco Door

Deco Door

For those who want a modern look but don’t want to break the bank, we have our Deco Series. Deco Door is a contemporary design built around a fiberglass slab as a base, providing an economical option, but with an array of Art Deco, Mid Century Modern, and Contemporary designs.

In our build process, each piece is carefully hand selected by a veteran of the trade. All components are put together and are machined in-house on our Italian CNC machines. These machines give us exact precision and reliability to allow our assemblers to manufacture frames with extreme precision. If the colour option is selected, every component of the build is sent through our paint shop for finishing with a wide range of 26 standard paint colors or 13 stain colors. As part of our drive for sustainability, we use one of the most advanced water-based products in the industry. These low-heat-build stains and paints provide ultimate protection against the environment, including heat rays and UV color deterioration.

After this treatment, each product is then assembled by hand, focusing on both strength and aesthetics. Our frame corners are assembled using screws, not staples, and our slabs are assembled using 5/8” dowels. Each piece is then pre-hung in our squaring rack where fit and functionality are tested, giving the ultimate assurance that our products will arrive on the job site ready to be installed. Slabs are then individually wrapped from the frames, allowing these heavy items to be transported to site without damage. Security screws and construction keys are attached to the side of the jamb, allowing the installer to have all needed parts close by the door. Whether a standard garage to house door, or a high-end custom front door, all our systems receive the same dedicated attention and commitment from our staff in regards to on-time delivery, quality, and sustainability, allowing you the freedom of design while we take care of the rest.

by John Neels
Vice President of Operations
Westeck Windows and Doors

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